5 years to 6 years

The third year (or Kindergarten year) is the most important year in the three-year cycle of your child’s experience in a Montessori classroom because many of the earlier lessons come together to coalesce.

Here are some questions parents frequently ask about the third and final year of the Early Childhood cycle:

Why should I continue my child’s education at a Montessori school for the kindergarten year?

Your child has already spent two years learning from older children, sharing with peers, and helping younger children. In the third year—as one of the oldest in the class—he or she will assume a vital and empowering leadership role at school and in the classroom.  Your child will be able to work with the materials in depth while increasing their academic understanding of concepts the materials support.  Critical learning skills at this age prepare the child for future academic work as well as increase their social and emotional development.

How will my child, as an older member of the class, be exposed to new opportunities for challenge and growth?

Your child will be challenged as a leader, a mentor, and in their own exploration and comprehension of concepts they have been exploring during the previous two years.

Won’t it be easier for my child to adjust to a traditional public or private school at the kindergarten level rather than in first grade?

The experience of being the oldest in the classroom will give your child confidence and self-assurance.  This third-year experience will give your child valuable leadership opportunities which will help him or her transition to any other environment with more confidence.

Many parents, after witnessing their child’s progress during the kindergarten year, decide to enroll in a Montessori elementary program.